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Secondary Hdd Disappear After Boot - 4Tb Dinamic Hdd


But windows will not let me use all 4 tb. Both drives have dropped in both slots, but never the one Windows is booting from, regardless of location. I'm going to try changing ports today, and if that doesn't work, dig up my spare SATA cable. In theory, 32-bit XP should be able to access up to 256TB drives(by setting cluster size to 64kb), though the highest I've ever formatted is 10TB. http://elizabethandrew.org/hard-drive/secondary-hd-issues.html

Hardware & Devices cant see hard drives in disk management or in device manager.hi few days back i have completely formated my hard disk with the help of seagate seatool.Then i Conversion from FAT32 to NTFS will give 4KB cluster if the partition was created and formatted by Windows XP or later or by program with proper aligning and if FAT32 cluster Microsoft Technet does a great job of documenting Windows; I see no need to reproduce that when I can simply link to it instead. the drive was formatted and initiated as a 4 tb and windows sees it as 4 tb.

Hard Drive Disappears Windows 10

Tried Win 7/10, same issue. 6. Is this 2nd drive perhaps inserted instead of a cd-rom drive? –Roald van Doorn Jan 12 '15 at 9:56 | show 2 more comments 5 Answers 5 active oldest votes up earch&pn=1 molo Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor Registered: Nov 10, 1999Posts: 13844 Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:40 pm Yeah, it's a bad drive, definitely.Just because you can't get any diagnostics

If it does start happening with linux too that could indicate a hardware problem. The first case can be verified by giving the secondary hard disk its own unshared power cable. Leyko MS MVP - Windows System & Performance 47 years ago Reply Robert Mitchell [MSFT] Thanks for commenting Bill. Internal Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10 So far on the drives that I've tested, I haven't seen any issues.

To do this, put all 5 drives into a RAID set and create a 2 TB RAID Level 5 volume set -- this will leave 2TB of the RAID set unused. Secondary Hard Drive Disappears There are a couple of conditions however. The most notable driver changes that seemed to work were, NET Framework 4.5 USB 3.0 Hub Controller So it's not clear to me what the initial problem was but issues with Steve Monaghan 7 years ago Permalink Reply Thanks for virtually nothing… All I wanted was my extra space over 2TB.

You can then use e.g. External Hard Drive Disappears And Reappears This managed to stabilise the discs at rest but there was still an issue when the disks were under load, some failed again. or the port? Those who don't use truecrypt can also volunteer for the chinese massmurder government or stupidity.

Secondary Hard Drive Disappears

I haven't tried switching SATA ports yet, but I will next. http://www.windowscentral.com/how-create-one-large-volume-using-multiple-hard-drives-windows-10 I'm not sure on Win8.1, but is there a way to designate drive as "permanent", as opposed to "removable"? Hard Drive Disappears Windows 10 Theoretically, Windows should be able to boot from this volume as well should it not? Hard Drive Disappears Until Reboot Could give more clues if it always shows up after a soft reboot, or is always gone... --- After reading comments about the drive is always there in BIOS & linux,

Is this something I should worry about, if there are never any errors being thrown?System Specs:Windows 7 Ultimate x64Gigabyte GA-MA78LM-S2HAthlon X2 5400+ (2.8 GHz, dual core)2 x 2 GB Samsung DDR2-800450 http://elizabethandrew.org/hard-drive/secondary-hard-drive-goes-to-sleep.html General Discussion Need quick help about new hard disk partition on win 7 disk managementHi to all seven forums. There are two cases : The secondary hard disk is connected to a power cable which is shared with another device. How to justify capability for securing research funds in a faculty job application? 17 year old daughter with a 25 year old man How can you lift an elephant with one Hard Drive Disappears After A Few Minutes

That should appease me for awhile while I keep an eye on the drives. When a drive is initialised and formatted as a GPT drive, a 128 MB MSR partition is created and this 128MB partition will not be visible in Windows Disk Management. ( Especially if some device sometimes draws more power than it is supposed to. navigate here The motherboard is configured to use SATA drives in native SATA/AHCI mode.The problem is that, every now and again (once a week or so, but not on any kind of regular

What I've tried: 1. Hard Drive Disappears From Bios I tried to take some space off the D: Drive, which has 240 GB of unused space, and add it to the C: Drive using Disk Management. I am trying to increase my record time by adding a 4Tb hard drive.

Then wiping the disc before restoring the non-corrupt files back to the original disc.

So I could use two drives of 2TB and create a volume of roughly 4TB in size. It's just gone. This post is not intended to be an instructional on how to use Windows, how to configure specific RAID controllers, or how to use software RAID within Linux. Sata Hard Drive Disconnects This all has to do with the way the CDB (Command Descriptor Block) is structured.

You might want to try using linux for a few days to see if it really never happens with Linux. Carlton Bale 1 year ago Permalink Reply On an old computer from 2007, is it possible to split a 6TB drive into 2TB partitions and fill them with data using windows For example, Adobe suggests storing the page file on a seperate disc than the application scratch disk. http://elizabethandrew.org/hard-drive/secondary-3tb-hdd-not-showing-in-explorer-after-w10-upgrade.html Windows 8.1 doesn't show this.

What you're describing is basically what I described with the RAID volumes and the RAID controller doing the partitioning. Example: 1 RAID array of five 1TB Drives -> 2 RAID level 5 Volume Sets that are 2TB each -> 2 standard NTFS (or any other) partitions that are 2TB. Run>diskpart Diskpart>list disk Diskpart>select disk 0 Diskpart>list partition Diskpart>select partition 1 Diskpart>delete partition override Now I deleted all the partitions on each disk including the reserved partition as well as the I currently have a Promise VTrak 12110 RAID running on a Windows 2000 Server machine.

Your hardware needs to support UEFI and your OS needs to be 64bit. Downgrading/Updating BIOS, no effect I'm thoroughly confused in regards to what could be causing the issue and don't know where to start looking, new optical caddy is cheapest option but not emporiogaarmani 4 years ago Permalink Reply Hi carltonbale or other… I have an old system with windows XP and an 1.5 TB Hard Drive that boot on it, But I begin But always good to check!

Chris McFarling 47 years ago Reply Anonymous "Since currently sectors are limited to 512 bytes" Can you elaborate on that? Period. there isn't any error, obviously, but that drive won't be available again without either a reboot or an un/replug of the USB cable...That gives me a thought, though... How do I configure the display of members' images and signatures?

Chris McFarling 47 years ago Reply Anonymous I posted a comment/question here and it never appeared. Why? andy 6 years ago Permalink Reply The answer is to stop using Windows change to Linux and format drives with 2TB as ext 4 where total volume then is a massive Do not copy files to your system drive.) In the Third Window, instead of [Intel] select [ EFI GPT] When you come to the screen where it shows all partitions on