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Slow Boot Debugging Advice


The problem is, if you're not, at least, using Windows daily, using them might not yield the results you'd like. It's either a rogue process eating up all the resources or it's faulty hardware/drivers. Windows Assesment Console If you can't get enough, this one runs for hours and generates tons of XML / WPT data for you to analyze. Stuck? http://elizabethandrew.org/how-to/setting-the-bios-to-boot-from-external-cd-rom.html

Then last, you can graph columns and give them a color. Oh no, I forgot to close Resource Monitor, look how consuming its graphs are... Me personally, I would already be really happy if people would stop optimizing their Windows registry... Under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools you can find the Resource Monitor, it is also accessible from the Task Manager by the click of a button.

How To Debug Your Computer For Free

Rogue Process If the problem is a rogue process and you can't kill it (maybe it's resistant malware), you might want to disable it using Autoruns. Anything before the yellow bar are considered to be the keys of that row, it is used as the series for the graph. Apply all outstanding Windows and Office updates Apply latest video driver updates if the PC belongs to a gamer Is antivirus out of date? After checking the HDD (lets assume it is fine) I check how much RAM is 1)in the unit 2) free post a reboot 3)free with 3.1)users browser open 3.1)Users email client

bz2 file and "This does not look like a tar archive" "Which answer in this list is the correct answer to this question?" Why distribute a film to a single theatre? That's how far hardware goes... Is there a proper, "scientific" if you so will, way of debugging and understanding where the problem with a slow running Windows installation lies? (In my particular case this concerned Windows How To Debug A Computer Windows 8 There is simply way too much knowledge to be conveyed in a SU answer :) How do I troubleshoot a Windows 7 freeze or slowness?

Please note to only select Windows Performance Toolkit during the installation, because the other tool takes quite long to download and is only meant for professionals. How To Debug My Laptop For Free And do I need wmpnetwk.exe? I use HDSentinel to check it , I then reboot and recheck as I have had 2 instances where post reboot, it told me the HDD was failing, when the initial https://www.eightforums.com/performance-maintenance/71381-multiple-hdd-2015-system-slow-boot-times-any-tips.html And if you go around disabling programs and changing your drivers, you are most likely fixing something that ain't broken.

At times I Start by asking them if "you need that stuff" and removing all the junk they dont want, didnt know was even there still, and do not use. Debugging Tools For Windows Also check for malicious IE add ons and it wouldn't hurt to completely reset IE settings from the Internet Options control panel if you suspect malware has messed things up. I dont see any point in analising junk they do not want to begin with. The values between the yellow and blue bar are aggregated (usually summed), because its not just about a process but rather about the stacks the threads of the process walked.

  1. Resource Monitor A good overview of what's going on on your computer, no download required...
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  3. Under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools you can find the Windows Experience Index, known as a good way to asses key system components.
  4. In this particular case I was asked to look at a two year old HP laptop with Vista.
  5. As with every scientific research, we first have to determine the cause before coming to a solution...
  6. asked 5 years ago viewed 18656 times active 1 year ago Linked 3 how to log the performance of all processes in windows 7? 0 What can I do to improve
  7. Not to mention Safe Mode and MSConfig for testing/eliminating software suspects, and the disk utilities for determining if the disk and file system are in good health.
  8. Windows Perfomance Toolkit Comes with the easy Recorder and an insightful analyzer, no problem escapes your eyes...
  9. After you caught the slow moment, you can stop tracing and it will save the trace to a location you can easily find back.

How To Debug My Laptop For Free

Being a Mac user since 2007 I haven't really dug deep in Windows internals in the past five years. share|improve this answer answered Aug 29 '13 at 9:47 user249544 292 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign How To Debug Your Computer For Free Not for the faint-hearted, it's also available from the Windows ADK. How To Debug Windows 10 Nvidia is kind of resource heavy, and seems I couldn't resist moving my mouse around...

No need to fire up Process Explorer or Process Monitor, because this beast also shows the System Interrupts and even allows you to filter. have a peek at these guys And in case there's something wrong with that, DPC Latency Checker and LatencyMon can help you to quickly pinpoint the issue. Good way to visualize complex AND/OR query/criteria? I have a comment to slip in, it is sort of the opposite of your first paragraph. How To Debug A Computer Windows 7

Smells like excessive virus scanning while browsing. Install newer version of antivirus if available User expectations - is the user really overtaxing their computer? (this step is necessary if computer is old) CCleaner - for the gigs of And then you can finally start the Windows Performance Recorder, only check the things you need and then start tracing. http://elizabethandrew.org/how-to/slow-wireless-lan.html In the right side you can manipulate the graphs in many way; hovering, clicking and right clicking should teach you some things.

share|improve this answer edited Mar 20 at 10:16 Community♦ 1 answered Mar 25 '12 at 16:53 Oliver Salzburg 59.3k41201256 1 This is a fantastic answer –Mala Mar 25 '12 at Ccleaner My boss is pregnant and leaving the company to us If matrix is diagonalizable, eigenvalue? To me, it seems wrong to just run a bunch of different tools without understanding the underlying cause of the error.

Run defrag.exe If the user generally uses the PC for Internet usage, install Chrome and make it default browser.

Windows was running incredibly slow and even opening up a new explorer window took almost a minute. Origin and usage of "safe and sound" is there a drawing difference between these 2 kanji radicals? more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Malwarebytes What is the minimum radius of a circular corridor for the walls to appear straight?

Image the machine if you can so you won't spend as much time doing it all again in three months when the user listens to none of your advice and is Energy methods for first order systems Is this Pokémon Emerald cartridge fake? What are the essential tools you always have handy when attempting to fix someone's PC? http://elizabethandrew.org/how-to/slow-streaming.html return to store if possible...

Windows Experience Index The quickest way to identify whether it's not just the hardware... Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Browse other questions tagged windows troubleshooting performance debug or ask your own question. Get better ideas, divide and conquer your options and put things to the test.

If you drag a start time and an end time here, it will even change the graph to show horizontal bars (to show when things started and stopped)... is Internet Explorer (as opposed to actual network speed) slow? Firefox and AVP? Why does Hermione lie about why she is in the bathroom when the troll attacks?