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Right clicking on folders.

Right click > Open with doesn't work properly.

Right click menu (Context menu) sometimes invisible

Right-click boxes pop up for no reason - can't use.

right click a file : open with > . how add my applications ?

Right clicking resets desktop

Right Click on Mouse Disabled in My Pictures

Right Click Attachment

Right click menu on a drive open option is not default

right click on my synaptic touchpad doesn't work

Right Click been disabled :(

Right Click Menu Slow after update

Right click stops working?

Right click menu very slow

right click context menu slow to display

Right Click Preview not working

Right click extremely slow

Right touchpad button does not trigger context menus in Windows 10

Right-click problems with files/folders/desktop/Groove

Right clicking desktop icons crashes Windows Explorer

Right Clicking Issue & Video Card Issue

Right clicking on desktop

Right Click Items on desktop problem

Right-click (for context menu) suddenly stopped working.

Right click on apps on taskbar. Broken?

right click on computer icon

Right click takes forever to bring up menu

right-click context coming up when tapping

Right click with touch pad results in same action as left click - new Inspiron 11 3000

Right Clicking and Clicking New Folder causes crahes

right click on multiple files sometime appear Windows defender why?

Right Click in programs view not showing

Right Click Menu Lag on my pc

Right click problem

Right click on local disk produces crash

Right click on Icons cause Windows 7 hanged

Right Click Menu Slow

Right-Clicking Broken Shortcuts locks up

right click menu

Right click on touch pad

Rick click taskbar programs

Rick clicking on documents causing hourglass and freeze

Right click slow response

Right click takes too long.

right click very slow

Right-click context menu loads SLOW

Right-click menu takes forever to load (tried ShellExView)


Right click -> open on shortcuts doesn't work

Right-clicking problem.

right click on toucpad does not work

Right Click turns the Screen Black

right click word correction list help

Right Click Menu - Missing GFX Properties

Right click menu gone

right-click context menu

Right Click of Doom

Right Click does't work on Touchpad (Synaptics)

Right Click on Tile Doesn't Bring up Menu

Right click on file

Right Click on Windows Explorer

Right click option does not work on Windows logo

right-click options menu

Right Click on Drive makes Menu disappear

Right Click Mouse Select All Files Gone

Right-click not responding

Right Click context menu sloooow

Right click on mouse pad HP Envy Laptop

Right Click Button not working

Right click a file = explorer crash

Right click on a Windows in the taskbar show some big icon

Right-click menu for taskbar icons is broken -pic included

Slow Context Menu Right Click & ROXIO

Slow menu etc.

Some users on 8.1 Pro can't right click desktop

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