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Simple, right? I take no responsibility for anything that you may do as a result of reading this page. Logged WARNING: You are logged into reality as 'root'logging in as 'insane' is the only safe option.pcnetspec.co.uk Mad Penguin Administrator Hero Member Posts: 1419 Karma: 10018 Gender: Re: Linux Mint on Why doesn't Sony sell these machines in Europe? check over here

Erez Strauss describes how to use Sony's USB floppy drive. which is why I want the output.make sense ?[EDIT]The downside of this strategy is Windows will be unbootable without the Linux drive attached .. Which distribution? Wheras Linux doesn't use the BIOS for hard drive access, to get to Linux you have to use the machine's BOOT process .. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2143197

Sony Vaio Factory Reset Without Disk

Unfortunately, the Makefile will recognize Red Hat, Debian, and Slackware, but NOT SuSE. Now you can start irmanager. Nope, no typo: That's an underline instead of the hyphen above.) If you have installed the IrDA software correctly, you will now have a file /etc/irda/drivers. Also, I've tried pretty much everything F11, F12, Ctrl-F8, F1, F2, F3, Del...

  1. A good starting point is comp.os.linux.portable.
  2. If Windows does overwrite it, the fix is easy - just boot from USB again, remove the bad /EFI folder and replace it by our own again.
  3. Perhaps it would work if Secure Boot is disabled but in my case I was attempting to do the installation without disabling Secure Boot at all.
  4. Highly recommended.
  5. Then remove the "disabled" line to activate it.
  6. What especially bugs me about Sony is that they treat their customers like children and don't consider supporting any other operating system than Windows 98 - not even NT - on
  7. Re: Linux Mint on Sony Vaio « Reply #5 on: November 03, 2012, 10:38:38 pm » Thank you!
  8. However, you don't have to pay for sound support!

I'm quite sure this little thingy will break in a couple of months. Otherwise, any ideas on how I can change this? This will be our target. [sda4] - Windows reserved partition, don't know what this is for. [sda5] - Windows primary partition (the C: drive). Sony Vaio Bios Reset Jumper If you want to make these changes permanent, put them into your boot.local file.

which does use the BIOS ...(just MBR'ing may not help as it still needs to use the BIOS to load the kernel ...) Logged https://twitter.com/garethbult https://gareth.bult.co.uk Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec) Administrator Hero How To Boot Sony Vaio Laptop From Usb For 2.2.13 and newer kernels you should replace "nm256av" with "nm256"!) That's it. Background This is a bit lengthy. http://askubuntu.com/questions/150174/sony-vaio-with-insyde-h2o-efi-bios-will-not-boot-into-grub-efi In my case, the layout is like this: [sda1] - SONYSYS - Sony System partition (not sure what is this for, some says that this is meant for the "Assist" button

For 'advanced options' I press F8 from that menu and can do all the windows things like 'Start Windows in safe mode', etc. > If I jump in before this menu Sony Vaio Boot Menu Function Key It is nice and good. Erez reports that -X34 crashed his system (Z505RX). And it only detects one hard drive. 1) I am not sure of the final character in the code you asked me to type into terminal.

How To Boot Sony Vaio Laptop From Usb

So, maybe the Mint I've been booting is a mint in windows C:\ that I never installed? megboyar Jr. Sony Vaio Factory Reset Without Disk Contents Disclaimer The hardware Useful links Which distribution? Sony Vaio Operating System Not Found Fix Best wishes.

This is the setup I'm using now and it works fine for me. check my blog At least in theory. My personal experiences can be found in the SuSE 6.3 section below. You can boot Fatdog64 in UEFI/SecureBoot fine (using optical disc or USB flash drive), but there is no automated installer for UEFI systems. Sony Vaio Bios Reset

As noted above, installing Fatdog64 is easy, just copy over two files. FireWire I have had no use for FireWire (i.e. "i.LINK", i.e. "IEEE 1394") yet. cd /usr/src/linux patch -b -p1 < /tmp/sony-patch-2.2.11 2> out (The -b option will make a backup of your original files.) Check the out file to see if you got any error this content He helped me make it work on my notebook and with a lot of other things. $Header: /usr/local/cvsrep/weitz.de/vaio.html,v 1.12 2015-02-27 17:51:41 edi Exp $ BACK TO MY HOMEPAGE TOP Index |

Please note that Donald Becker, the author of the eepro 100 driver, is aware of these problems and that they'll be fixed in future releases of Linux. (An alternative solution can How To Boot Sony Vaio Laptop From Cd Topf is also the author of one of the GPM patches, by the way.) For IrDA support according to my SH888 example, just set IRDA_PORT to /dev/ttyS2, and IRDA_IRQ to 10 All writings are Copyright © James B 2013-2016 and licensed as CC-SA-NC 3.0 All code and code fragments are licensed as GNU GPL 3 or later.

You should check "The Linux Mall" before you turn on your computer for the first time.

This article documents the working steps I took to manually install Linux (Fatdog64), with Secure Boot enabled all the way (never turned off), and keeping Windows available for dual-booting. After using it for more than six months now I would definitely buy it again. you CAN use two mice (built-in trackpad plus external USB mouse) and disconnect and re-connect them while X is running. Sony Vaio F10 Recovery Not Working This process uses MokUtil from mjg59's shim and is described elsewhere.

if you use the installer to put another Ubuntu install on drive c (it'll repartition it for you) it should (!) Automatically see the install on drive d and add it The Vaio is model name: VGN-AW390C, purchased in North America. You should install Fatdog64 here, or if you do what I do, I shrunk the partition and create a new partition (sda7) for Fatdog64. [sda6] - Sony Recovery image - this have a peek at these guys To correct this, you'll have to say setserial /dev/ttyS2 irq 10 (I recommend adding this line to your /sbin/init.d/boot.local file.) The following two lines need to be added to your /etc/conf.modules

Member Posts: 5 Karma: 0 I've just joined! You still need to add the four lines regarding your network to the apmd_proxy script (which lives in /sbin/init.d/ if you're using SuSE 6.3). No need to patch your kernel anymore. My opinion The Z505SX is a really nice laptop. Please note that the Z505 series models are different from other 505 models.

FireWire) interface, built-in microphone and stereo speakers, Sony Memory Stick media slot, external USB floppy drive. They don't seem to have plans for offering the Z505 models (or any other variant with 12.1'' monitors) in Europe. I never had these problems, maybe because I added append "mem=128M" to my /etc/lilo.conf file (thanks to a hint from Dave Foster's Vaio page). In order to avoid including code snippets here and there, here is the .config file that works for me.

non-SuSE) 2.2.12 kernel now and that the .config file posted here is for this 2.2.12 kernel. Rename /EFI directory to /EFI-win. Put the Linux boot floppy into your floppy drive, connect the drive to your Vaio, connect the Vaio to your Ethernet, and turn on the computer. The GPM distribution even includes a couple of (unsupported) patches that will enable support for wheelmice.

After you've compiled and installed the software, you will have to create the devices that you need.