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Reporting Possible Bugs In The Windows Firewall (of Windows 8.1). Where To Send Them?


Regards, Jouie Reply Jouie says: August 10, 2015 at 1:05 am Hi Charlie, I just upgraded my system to Windows 10 just the other day and observed one particular issue about The most popular one is NoScript, which blocks JavaScript from executing until you mark a site as trustworthy, or opt to temporarily allow scripting. Right click on PowerShell and then click Run as Admin, then type in this: Get-NetConnectionProfile and you will get something similar to this: Name : Network I haven’t spent any time in trying to resolve this, since QuickBooks 2012 is no longer officially supported by Intuit. have a peek at this web-site

This causes TortoiseSVN to think that there are versioned files in the bin directory.If you want to keep using TortoiseSVN and just prevent this from happening, you need to add '**/.svn/' Under the event sources drop-down box select ‘Power-Troubleshooter’ and click OK. Another change is that patches can be deployed at any time, rather than waiting for a specific day of the week ("Patch Tuesday"). And it does make for easier operation. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/749c33c6-dcfb-4cd8-96d9-46b4d91c08e5/reporting-possible-bugs-in-the-windows-firewall-of-windows-81-where-to-send-them?forum=w8itprogeneral

Windows 8.1 Hardening Checklist

With the File and Printer Sharing way, at least you can have different logons for different PCs. Click 'Add' button, and in the following dialog box, type in an ip address into 'This ip address or subnet'. So these mitigating steps are a beginning, not a cure.Well-loved.

export the log out to a text file?Use the log dialog. Reply William F.f Zachmann says: September 1, 2015 at 1:38 am You folks might want to have a look at this discussion over on LinkedIn. It will drop it in as an attachment (Outlook 2013). Proximity Sharing Windows 10 Importance of Testing It is important to note, that after hardening a system, one has to test to see if the applications that you run still runs as expected.

Give the rule a name, eg "Allow Program X". Windows 8 Cyberpatriot Checklist I have had level 3 techs working on this every evening for almost a week now. Select 'Custom'. If you have the Automated Configuration package, you can set up the services by right clicking on "Harden Win 8.1 Home 64 Services.bat" and choosing "Run as Administrator" Items in

WireShark can prove it.Well-loved. Windows 8.1 Security Checklist Note: the above settings are a per user setting, so you have to enabled this individually for EACH account. Because when you are working in a Standard account, any malware or hacker that makes it onto your system will inherit your privilege and not have admin privileges to make system So unless your environment requires that a protocol must be used, we will want to disable all except the bare essentials.

Windows 8 Cyberpatriot Checklist

Versioning: The deleted files are in the directory you have set up. You are good, thanks Charlie Russell says: August 3, 2015 at 12:46 pm If you click on your system tray you will find Intuit Sync Manager, right click on that, you Windows 8.1 Hardening Checklist It was not a totally painless experience, but it didn’t require a lot of technical expertise. Windows 8.1 Checklist Cyberpatriot Microsoft is determined to collect this information.https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/itpro/windows/manage/configure-windows-telemetry-in-your-organizationLike or Dislike: 2 0 Reply ↓ Charly Parker I follow the instructions given but i really don´t believe that Bill will be fooled by

This is because the number of overlays allowed by Windows is limited to 15. http://elizabethandrew.org/windows-8/serious-problem-with-windows-8.html most other firewalls will disable ‘windows firewall'. Worth a try. Both firewalls and virus scanners work with heuristics in addition to searching for known virus patterns. Windows 8 Security Checklist

And some are command line programs used to administrate Windows. Give the rule a name, eg "Allow service X". If you have to jump in then you should make a full system-image backup first, as that is the only way you can roll back to your prior version if you find that Source You can solve this in one of the following ways:Install Microsoft's TweakUI and run the option to rebuild icons.Or increase the icon cache size.

Reply Lauren says: August 30, 2015 at 8:53 am I purchased a laptop prior to Windows 10 release. Cyberpatriot Windows 8 Microsoft Windows Apple macOS Linux Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP macOS 10.12 – Sierra OS X 10.11 – El Capitan OS X 10.10 – Reply Charlie Russell says: August 14, 2015 at 1:23 pm So this isn't a QuickBooks issue, it is a networking or Windows permission issue.

QB 2012 runs on Win 10, but you have to get into certain functions that don't work.

And, Intuit has officially stated that "based on initial testing", they have found no issues running QuickBooks 2015 on Windows 10. By doing the repair function, my QB worked great for loan manager feature. There are several Automated Configuration files which sets the following: Services configuration, disablingunnecessary network facing services to minimize attack surface. Windows Hardening Tool Many users are not happy that Windows 10 is spying on them and constantly seeking a way to stop it.

The answer is simply that your working copy is not completely updated by a commit. Since you don't want to relocate your WC, just abort this dialog.... Check https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/749c33c6-dcfb-4cd8-96d9-46b4d91c08e5/reporting-possible-bugs-in-the-windows-firewall-of-windows-81-where-to-send-them?forum=w8itprosecurity#d5a64078-396e-4d1b-a595-7c7e8ad5da49 The problem is still present. http://elizabethandrew.org/windows-8/shutdown-windows-8-8-1-8-1-1.html As long as I'm quick enough I can actually generate and PDF print invoices to email to customers.

I could have used every other programs! Popular alternatives to IE are Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Press Synchronize to begin synchronization. I haven’t tried several different company files here, so there could be some issues with the file itself, but this file was working properly on Windows 7.

How did I get locked out of my company? I dont have have a tablet. GlassWire is a good program but its a bit like it is being developed by Microsoft and is really just trying to get more people to use windows firewall. No, you can safely install a new version of FreeFileSync into a directory that contains an old version.

For suggestions and bugs report there is this site connect.microsoft.com 2. disable Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter Reboot. To cover the angle of malicious ads, there is plug-in called AdBlock Plus. Most involve cleaning out some stuff that gets left behind from a prior install.

Layers of security will be added to protect our system, private documents, browsers and other applications. I may try it anyway in the abscense of another solution. I know that people are going to want to click on it. “Free upgrade” is a powerful draw. If creating the dump file fails with Access denied, check that Process Explorer is running with elevated rights: Menu → File → Show Details for All Processes How can I record

Client compatibility is only guaranteed for a particular OS type and metadata representations may differ. Reply Charlie Russell says: June 28, 2015 at 3:04 pm It should be relatively smooth as far as most applications - but in the test release I have now I keep IE has this stupid distinction about the source of a web page. Also missed seeing you at SNH.

Many people are using it successfully, but there are also many reports of problems in certain areas. I have Glasswire 1.0.30b & i thought about what you said of the other person with Comodo firewall.